Academic offerings

I have worked in academia, specifically health sciences for over 30 years and draw on a wealth of experience acquired over that period as a student, early career researcher, senior researcher, PhD supervisor, manager and mentor.

Academic coaching and mentoring

Academic coaching follows the same principles as coaching generally and the same tools and techniques can be applied (see coaching page). Having worked in academia for many years, I have insight into some of the challenges of studying and working in this sector which is necessary for mentoring where support is more directive, but also useful in coaching to understand the context in which clients are operating. I have worked with PhD students who lack confidence in their ability and want to get more organised, prioritise effectively and establish a good work life balance. I have worked with PhD students who are dealing with poor supervision in terms of lack of engagement and time spent, to help cultivate their own inner resources and seek appropriate support elsewhere. I have supported PhD students with long term health conditions to help balance health needs with work expectations in a challenging environment. I have also worked with more senior academics to take stock and reflect on what motivates them in their roles and how to make this more of a focus and let go of less sustaining aspects. Expectations are high in academia, competitiveness the norm and it’s often hard to navigate through this without becoming stressed and overwhelmed - which is where coaching can help.

I was floundering doing my PhD with a chronic illness and an absent supervisor. With a background in academia and mindfulness, Karen is well suited to help me. She has given me the guidance and encouragement I expected from a supervisor (and more!) and helped me develop relationships with academics who can support my research. She's also been incredibly supportive and understanding regarding the difficulties disabled people face in academia and really helped me create the space and mindset to develop creative solutions in some places in my life and acceptance in others. I've been able to let go of a lot of guilt and shame about not being as productive as I'd like. I've become a more skilled, motivated, and confident person and academic working with Karen, and the unknowns in my future feel more exciting than terrifying now. S

You really helped me to believe in myself again, to focus on the stuff that helped and to ignore (and reframe) the stuff that did not help. I’m not sure I would have got through that last bit of finishing my thesis without your advice! So, a MASSIVE THANKYOU! Abi

Freelance academic work

Systematic reviewing

I am a highly skilled systematic reviewer with decades of experience working within academia, within the charity sector and on a freelance basis. I specialise in Cochrane reviews and have led programmes of work and published numerous reviews. As a freelancer I work with Universities and specialist systematic reviewing companies. If you would like support with any aspects of evidence synthesis in health sciences, please do get in touch and we can discuss further.

Research consultancy

I have extensive training in research methods and have worked for many years with health care professionals and academics to help support the design of research proposals and critically appraise academic outputs. I am also very experienced in academic writing. If these services are of interest, please do get in touch and we can discuss further.

"Karen has worked as a freelance researcher on a number of systematic reviews with Effective Evidence. Karen is experienced in all aspects of systematic review and has regularly contributed to screening, data extraction, quality appraisal and narrative synthesis tasks. Karen is a capable and reliable researcher, she is efficient and easy to work with and delivers work to a high standard. We would be very happy to work with Karen again."

Effective Evidence

“We’ve employed Karen as a freelance systematic reviewer on a number of projects now and it’s been a great experience. She’s reliable, efficient, manages her time well and effectively, asks questions as needed, and grasps complex topics quickly. She comes highly recommended!”

Jamie Hartmann-Boyce

University of Oxford

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